May 24 - May 27

Hi, sustainable world!

III international online conference for companies working in/for sustainable market


free three-day summit of thoughts and results of companies working to achieve sustainable development goals.

Business companies and funds tell how the sustainable product helps to  achieve the Sustainable Goals 

Non-profit organizations share their experience of doing projects for forming new social behavior 

The services for sustainable companies present new solutions in consulting and media production

The goal of this event is to shed light on the actual state of sustainable development sphere as well as to provide the networking for founders.

We invite



The Social Interactions


SutSol Hi-Tech Solutions


Programa "Escucha el Mar"


Human Kindness film


Water Crisis in Pakistan


Eco Puzzle


Real Good Digital


Our speakers

Olga Domashova

Art director and art and events designer of Eco House on a Fast Stream

Dmitriy Maslov

Founder of Agency of Strategical Analysis and Forecasting

Karol Zamora

Estudiante de Comercio Exterior con perspectiva ambiental 

SutSol Hi-Tech Solutions

Founder of SutSol Hi-Tech Solutions, water and energy management consultant

Matej and Anja Glivar

Founders of Human Kindness film production, vegan activists

Muhammad Farhan

Chemical Engineer student 

Michelle Pitcher

Founder of Real Good Digital

Maya Bedelbaeva 

Founder of Eco Puzzle, plastic and paper collection point

About an organizer

Dobrosphera, kind media

the USA

Dobrosphera is  media production company for companies in sustainability market. We do such media content as arts (video, audio, poetry, cartoons) and books about sustainability, kindness and mindfulness.

More details and portfolio here:

Our guests

100+ registered companies

Green Envento Pvt. Ltd

General partner & technical support


Specializes in web development

Soft Factory makes business automation systems, automation of workflow, logistics, customer relations (CRM), automation of business processes within the company(ERP). The company creates websites, corporate portals, company websites (landing page, quiz). Do Telegram bots and visualization of company data for business owners, heads and managers.

General partner & certification sponsor listing

Green - Ethical - Eco-Friendly – Socially Responsible -Environment Friendly – Organic – Vegan – Fair Trade - Renewable

1 Sustainable Directory provides information regarding different brands, manufacturers, stores, initiative, professionals, organizations, projects, businesses, charities, NGOs, etc., which are working on improving sustainability publicly. They are working on improving sustainability publicly. It allows brand, manufacturer, store, company, self-employed, individual, group, etc. to create an impactful profile of their business. This includes description of products & services provided. They can also add contact details, social media pages as well as online marketplace links. This enables visitors to not only find them but also buy their products/services on their chosen online marketplaces like amazon, ebay, etsy, flipkart, walmart, alibaba, etc.

Fall 2022 promotion support

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Our colleagues' activities

Y on Earth

The Y on Earth Community is a movement led by Ambassadors that empowers people with practical, hands-on information and inspiration to enhance health and well-being (Thriving) while deeply aligning our lives and communities with global strategies for regeneration and stewardship (Sustainability). By combining joyful practices, fun meet-ups, workshops, and positive, hope-filled stories and celebration, the Y on Earth Community balances courage with humility, action with reflection, and cultivates love (or motivation) as we work and play to transform ourselves and our world.


Action, mystique, science, environmentalism, Sustainable Settings - all of this can be found in a new, science-fiction novel, “Viriditas: The Great Healing is Within Our Power”, from author and educator Aaron William Perry.

Reviews and connections

Febi Firman

Founder of Pameo, Indonesia

Ekaterina Markelova

Nanoresonance Industries, the USA, Mexico

Nimmity Zappert

Founder of All of the good things, Australia


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organized by Dobrosphera