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May, 27,  1 pm London time

What is Noosphere game?

You are one of these roles:

You need some resources to save our Planet. What are you going to do?

About the Author of the concept

Dmitrii Maslov is  the social philosopher,  political analyst and researcher, entrepreneur. Now Dmitrii is working on his dissertation "Ethics of the Political conflict", so the Noosphere is the practical representation of the methodic of the social integration which Dmitrii developed to improve the communication between different social sectors and to explain how to achieve mutual profit using win-win strategy.

Welcome to be friends with Dmitrii: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmitrii-maslov-447433237/

About an organizer

Dobrosphera, kind media

the USA

Dobrosphera is  media production company for companies in sustainability market. We do such media content as arts (video, audio, poetry, cartoons) and books about sustainability, kindness and mindfulness.

More details and portfolio here: www.kindmedia.group

Our log book

Feb, 15. The pilot game. Cards and mission. We focused on the strategy building.

March, 22. We added the random events to the strategy building.


Watch how it works:

General partner & technical support


Specializes in web development

Soft Factory makes business automation systems, automation of workflow, logistics, customer relations (CRM), automation of business processes within the company(ERP). The company creates websites, corporate portals, company websites (landing page, quiz). Do Telegram bots and visualization of company data for business owners, heads and managers.


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organized by Dobrosphera